My vote for Charlie Crist will be Personal

I am a registered Independent African- American voter. I will always remember the prompt response I received from then Governor Charlie Crist’s office in 2007, after I wrote a letter of complaint about the lack of follow- up with the enforcement of a personal matter in the Florida Department of Revenue. The governor’s office intervened and played a pivotal role (I am sure) in the agency’s motivation, to resolve the issue. To this date my daughter benefits from the intervention.

I will do whatever I can in my capacity to garner support for his campaign.

I support his platform to fight for gay marriage because no one should be able to tell anyone who they must love; to make it easier for college students to vote (as the mother of two daughters in college); that he will veto abortion restrictions and protect a woman’s right to choose; that he will attempt to raise the minimum wage; and more importantly, accept federal money for Medicaid expansion- especially on behalf of the poor.

Melissa Bynes- Brooks